Read our quick guide with tips and tricks to help you interact easily with the website.

It is structured in different parts to help you with different features from the website:

  1. Registration to the website
  2. Share events
  3. Upload blueprints
  4. Add definitions
  5. Access the forum
  6. Show appreciation
  7. Become a member

Do not hesitate to jump to the section which interests you the most. We look forward to reviewing your events, gaining more knowledge through your definitions and blueprints, welcoming you as a member and interacting with you on the forum.

1. How to register?

To add any type of content to the website you need to register on the 4T-DLT website. You will only need a valid email address and you can get started.

2. Share your DLT event with the community

You can share your events easily with the community directly on the website under the page “Events”.

Once you are logged-in, click on “Add New events”. This will open up a short window for you to fill up with all the relevant information regarding your event:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • External Link

Once the event is added, the system will trigger an email to the admin team who will review the event. They will decide whether the information is complete and relevant and will release it to the wider public. This will help your event gain visibility and attract other smart-minded DLT-enthusiasts to participate.

3. Upload your blueprints to share your knowledge to the community

4T-DLT website is a place to collaborate and share your knowledge and creations with others.

If you wish to share a blueprint you created or found which would be relevant to other visitors, you can easily upload the document to the “Library” page of the website by clicking on “Add New Document”. 

You will be able to upload the blueprint directly and add some additional information about it:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date of publication

Once the blueprint is added, the system will trigger an email to the admin team who will  review the blueprint.  They will decide whether the information is complete and relevant and then release it to the wider public.

Once validated, it will be published on the website for everyone to be able to read.

4. Add new relevant definitions to make sure we all speak the same language

The language and terms used in Distributed Ledger Technology are diverse and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the different definitions. This website offers you the possibility to share your own definitions with the other members to make sure everyone speaks the same language.

This is easily done through the “Glossary” page of the website by clicking on “Add new word”. You will be able to add the new definition directly.

Once added, the word will automatically appear on the Glossary page by alphabetical order. If there is already a previous definition for the same word, your definition will be added below the others.Your definition will be listed as ‘temporary’ until someone shows appreciation and validates your definition by liking it. (See paragraph – 6. Show appreciation to others)

5. Exchange and collaborate on the forum 

Are you interested in meeting additional DLT-enthusiasts and co-creating blueprints together? Then you can visit the “Forum” page from the website and join our Discord server. 

The process is easy, you will need to enter a valid email address and agree to some basic rules and you will directly be able to access the discord server. 

Read the “Discord Guide” to have additional information regarding the different channels from the server.

6. Show appreciation to others

The 4T-DLT website is all about co-creating content and being able to interact with other people’s events, blueprints of word definitions. You can do this easily once you are logged-in by clicking on the “♥” . 

NB: You are not able to like your own contribution.

7. Become a  member of the community

The 4T-DLT initiative is seeking new enthusiastic stakeholders who want to engage in DLT discussions to help Switzerland become a global leader in this field. Everyone can join the community and be either a passive member joining to be inspired by others as an “Extended Community member” or an actively involved stakeholder willing to contribute and co-create, joining as a “Contributor”. 

Fill out the form under “Be part of the Community” with your information and the Management Team will be in touch.

About 4T-DLT

4T-DLT is an initiative which creates an open repository for the technical and legal information, definition and standards for a secure, interoperable and reliable Swiss Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure. It allows collaboration and joint decision-making that will be the basis for regulatory interpretations that continue to foster innovation. 

Under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland, the  approach of a federative and collaborative innovation is pursued by 4T-DLT to create a safer, more transparent DLT marketplace by creating and combining technical and legal communities.

Get in touch with us

For additional information regarding the initiative, the website or to simply have an exchange to identify potential synergies with your organisation, please reach out the project lead, Jade Sternberg.

Author: Jade Sternberg