About 4T-DLT

4T-DLT is a joint initiative to create an open directory, a so-called repository, for the technical and legal information, definitions and standards for a secure, interoperable and reliable Swiss Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure.
As a team, we will prepare the information and basic requirements for the use of a DLT infrastructure in a functioning ecosystem. Training and information are a key part of our initiative, as is the community approach. All results that come out of this initiative will be made publicly available.

Who we are

We are experts who are working to build the foundation for a DLT infrastructure taking in varied perspectives. In order to create a state-of-the-art DLT infrastructure, we rely on the support of thought leaders, movers and shakers from startups, SMEs, major corporations, financial intermediaries and industry associations. Together, we can raise key questions, define challenges, and collaborate on solutions.

The Stakers

Stakers are organisations that contribute funds and resources to the development of the 4T-DLT initiative. They appoint a representative for the Shapers (see description below) and receive access to all activities and documents. If you want to support 4T-DLT with your organisation, please contact us.

The Shapers

The Shapers are the co-founders of the 4T-DLT initiative. These individuals validate the strategy and act as a Steering Committee. They are engaged in all activities, and are our liaison as leading experts, from business and research, to co-determinate the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Dr. Luka Müller-Studer
Attorney at Law, Founding Partner at MME | Dipl. Swiss Fund Officer FA/IAF
Harald Baertschi
Prof. Dr. iur., LL.M., Attorney at Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Baertschi Attorneys at Law Ltd
Sebastian Bürgel
Founder HOPR
Yannick Hausmann
Co-founder & Chairman of impactvise | Senior Advisor to Zurich Insurance Group CEO | Former Group General Counsel of Zurich Insurance Group
Dr. Jacques Iffland
Partner and Head of Capital Markets at Lenz & Staehelin
Patrick Oltramare
CEO at SwissCaution SA
Fedor Poskriakov
Partner at Lenz & Staehelin
Dr. Mattia Rattaggi
Managing Partner at METI Advisory AG
Patrick Salm
Cofounder and Head Token Platform, SEBA Bank | Lecturer at HSLU (CAS in Blockchain)| Regulatory Committee member at CMTA
Adrien Treccani
Founder and CEO at METACO
Gino Wirthensohn
Chief Legal, Compliance & RegTech Officer at Sygnum Bank AG

The Contributors

Contributors work with Shapers on the development of the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Guillaume Gabus
Head of Portfolio Management & Regions at digitalswitzerland
Rolf W. Guenter
Attorney at Law, MBA University Rochester NY, Partner Suter Howald Attorneys at Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
Nathan Kaiser
President of the Board of Tokengate
Travin Keith
Entrepreneur and Advisor in Distributed Ledger Technology
Aurelia Nick
Legal Advisor at MME
Bruno Pasquier
Prof. Dr. iur., LL.M., Attorney at Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences / Swiss Distance University Institute, Deputy Judge Cantonal Court Fribourg
Orkan Sahin
Senior Manager, FinTech/ Blockchain/Web 3.0 at EY Digital Law Switzerland
Marc Stammbach
Sr. Mgr. PM Cloud based Access Solution at Dormakaba Schweiz AG
Dominic Vincenz
FinTech Expert at Swisscom Digital Business

The Extended Community

Consists of people who are interested in the topic of DLT and want to be inspired by the ecosystem. We organise regular events for them to connect and exchange with Contributors.

Meet the extended community on the discord server

The Management Team

Do you have questions, feedback or ideas you’d like to discuss? Please feel free to contact us.

Jade Sternberg
Innovation Manager at digitalswitzerland


Launch of 4T-DLT

Launch of 4T-DLT

MME and Swisscom launched an initiative, under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland , to combine technical and legal standards to create an open repository to enable a secure, interoperable and reliable Swiss Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure

New members join

New members join

SwissCaution and SDX join 4T-DLT as new members.

4 pillars

4 pillars

Release of the 4 trust pillars videos to make business people and interested citizens aware about the topic of DLT.

4T-DLT Whitepaper:

4T-DLT Whitepaper:

The Four Elements of Trust of a Reliable and Interoperable DLT Infrastructure.

Structure Call

Structure Call

4T-DLT submitted a letter of intent to support a structure call to launch a blockchain hub with the Digitalization Initiative of Zurich Higher Education Institutions. Learn more about the DIZH structure call.